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Zhengzhou Aix Machinery Equipment Co., LTD is an enterprise who are specialized in manufacturing fertilizer machinery including rotary drum granulator,disc granulator,double roller granulator,rotary drum dryer,drum cooler, drum screener,fertilizer blender,organic waste crusher,animal manure dewatering machine,organic waste compost turner machine and so on.All of these products.....
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Fertilizer production line
Organic manure machinery
Packing machine
Belt conveyor
rotary drum screener
fertilizer crusher
Fertilizer blender
Rotary drum coater
Rotary drum cooler
Rotary drum dryer
BB fertilizer machine
NPK Compound Fertilizer Granula
Disk Granulator of Organic Fert
Double Roller Granulator For Ex
1-1.5t/h Roller Press Granulato
Disc Granulator Machine For Mak
Rotary Granulator-Granulating M
New Designed Organic Fertilizer
Bio Fertilizers Granulator mach
Compound Fertilizer Production
Welcome to choose our machines. We can provide you with a variety of machinery equipment of high quality,which meets the national standard.
Our company offer to you not only free advice to all problems on machinery,but also an assortment of appropriate technic.
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