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NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulator--Rotary Drum Granulator

Introduction of Fertilizer Granulator
Rotary Drum granulator
 is one of the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation industry, 
which is applying to cold,heat granulation and high,medium and large scale production of low and
high concentrations of compound fertilizer. 
The inside body of the rotary drum granulator is made by a special polyethylene resistant rubber 
sheet or stainless steel liners,which can achieve othe automatic scar,tumor, eliminating the
conventional scraper device.  The fertilizer granulator has advantages of high rate of making compound
fertilizer granulation, good appearance, corrosion resistance, low energy consumption, long life, easy 
operation and maintenance and so on.

Features of Fertilizer Granulator
1 the fertilizer granulator has high granulation rate of 70% into a ball, back to the small particle size, 
can be re-granulation;
2 hot steam improves material temperature, which makes compound fertilizer granulation easy
3 the compound fertilizer granulator finished inside of polyethylene makes raw materials difficult to stick the body,
anti-corrosion insulation; 
4 the rotary drum granulator has high yields, low power consumption and low maintenance costs because of
its simple structure.

Parameter of Compound Fertilizer Granulator

model I.D.(mm) Length(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
Ø1.2×4 1200 4000 1--3 5.5
Ø1.4X5 1400 5000 3--5 7.5
Ø1.6×6 1600 6000 5--8 11
Ø1.8×7 1800 7000 8--10 15
Ø2.0×8 2000 8000 10--15 18.5
Ø2.2×8 2200 8000 15--20 22
Ø2.4×8 2400 8000 25 37
Ø2.8×8 2800 8000 35 45

rotary drum granulatorcompound fertilizer granulator