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Rotary Granulator-Granulating Machine For NPK Fertilizer

Introduction of Rotary Granulator
Fertilizer granulator has three types in fertilizer equipments for fertilizer plant, they are rotary granulator,disk granulator,roller press granulator.
rotary granulator is widely used to granulating npk compound fertilizer pellets,this fertilizer granulating machine has simple structure,high granulating rate features.
disk granulator is the best choice for granulating organic fertilizer pellets using raw materials like animal manure,city waste or other organic materials.and it can also be used to coating the fertilizer pellets for protecting caking.
roller press granulator has double rollers, this fertilizer granulating machine can not only granulating compound fertilizer but also can granulate organic fertilizer pellets. the final pellets has high strength in oval shape, if you want a ball shape pellet, a polishing machine is necessary.

Our Service
As a professional manufacturer of rotary granulator in China, Zhengzhou Aix Machinery Equipment Co Ltd can also provide you other machines for fertilizer plant use, such as rotary dryer,rotary cooler,screening machine,crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment,packing machine, and electrical control system. and our products have passed the certification of ISO9000
we also supply technical service,our engineer can go to guide the installation and help train your workers.

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