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Poultry Manure Dewatering Equipment For Separating Cow Dung

Introduction of Manure Dewatering Equipment
When fertilizer plant use animal manure to make organic fertilizer like cow dung,sheep dung manure,chicken dung manure and if these animal manures are fresh and have much of water. the manure separating machine is necessary to separate the water from the manure, otherwise the raw materials of animal dung can not be easy to granulated into fertilizer balls,so this fertilizer equipment for fertilizer plant is the key important also with the compost machine. In organic fertilizer production, dewatering is the first step,and then using compost machine fermentates the raw material to increase the organic matters.

Main functions of Manure Dewatering Equipment

1.   low power computations ,low invest, high efficiency
2.   compact structure
3.   main parts use stainless steel

4.   easy to operate and easy to remaintenance
manure dewatering machinemanure dewatering equipment