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Fertilizer Packaging Machine For Packing Compound Fertilizer

Introduction of Fertilizer Packing Machine
this type of fertilizer packing machine is automatic weighing fertilizer packaging machine with double weighing and micro computer controling.this fertiizer packaging machine is widely used in packing suger pellet,seeds,fertilizer,animal feed pellets,and other pellet form materials or powder form materials.and also, the fertilizer packaging machine is the necessary equipment in large scale compound/organic fertilizer production line

Features of Fertilizer Packing Machine
1.Self-calibration and manual calibration, the microprocessor in the course of their work using automatic correction of 
measurement to overcome the long-term use and environmental temperature changes caused by the error.
2.With the correct sensor function, helping to reduce sensor errors, improve accuracy of measurement and control system.
3.With complete network communication, with the host computer for high speed and efficiency of data exchange

fertilizer packaging machinefertilizer packing machine