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Structure of disk granulator

Disk granulator is widely applied, involving many is mainly used in fertilizer processing,
it’s common in fertilizer industry.The structure and composition of this machine is in national

The main skeleton of disk granulator.The main transmission section and the rotating part of the
device are supported by the frame.So the main frame was welded by high-carbon steel and meet
country technical requirements.To make machine durable and long service life.

The granulating parts of disk granulator.The most important parts is disk’s under big
gravity.To make this parts durable ,we make it by thick steel plate.

The transmission parts of disk granulator.Transmission parts is very important,it decide the work
efficiency of machine.So the motor and reduce gear are based on national certification system.
Reliable quality and guaranteed safety.Granulating disc tray corner of the device with the overall
arc design.To improve granulating rate more than 95%, greatly improving economic efficiency. 

Automatic cleared parts of disk fertilizer granulator.Install an automatic cleaning system at the
top of granulation disk.The machine equipped with automatic clean plate, to clean up the sticky
residue in production process.Those parts saving labor,also greatly improve the service time of