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BB fertilizer equipment for bulk fertilizer blending

BB fertilizer equipment with automatic batching, mixing packaging machine.It’s a our development
fertilizer machinery based on the needs of majority fertilizer production and sales enterprises.
Our BB fertilizer equipment is drawing experience on the basis of foreign equipment, combined
with the actual demand of Chinese fertilizer processing enterprises.China with vast land, series
soil types,a wide range of crops, resulting in different demand for fertilizer.This BB fertilizer
equipment with automatic instrumentation control.the ingredients, mixing, packaging and other
production steps in one set,reduce duplication processing, saving production time and ensure
fertilizer content of each bag.It apply to the elemental nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
fertilizer and other particles, and trace elements,pesticides etc.Mixing by a certain percentage
from the deployment of high concentrations blended fertilizers (ie BB fertilizer) production.
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