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How to make matured compost by compost turner
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Compost is kind of organic fertilizer.It’s made of animal waste and plant,soil and minerals,under
high temperature fermentation,the microbial decomposition to make the organic fertilizer.Compost
is an ancient fertilizer,it last for century years .For its materials is easy fund and easy made.The
materials can be straw,stem grass,trees,livestock feces ,slug and so on.
How can we make compost properly ?
First it’s better to build a fermentation tank(if we build a 3*5 meters,it can ferment 200 tons
materials).Take the materials into tank ,1 kg decomposition can ferment 1 tons materials .
Mixing 1 kg decomposition agent mixing 20 kgs water,According to your materials ,mixing
percent water,flow those water into materials and use compost turner to mix it totally.it need
about 10~15 days if the temperature around 0C°.We need turn the materials once in 2 days.
After crushing by half wet materials crusher ,it can be granulated into fertilizer or can be soiled .
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