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Bad way to dry chicken manure by rotary drum dryer

There are many methods to deal chicken manure ,it can be drying by rotary drum dryer or
fermentation.To dry chicken manure under high temperature called Chicken manure drying
production line.but there are many short advantage of drying chicken manure .such as loss
of nutrients ,energy consumption,it can kill stubbom harmful viruses totally.even the odor of
the chicken manure will disperse residents .it’s unreasonable to deal chicken manure on this
way .
We suggest to deal chicken manure by fermented.It is very popular in organic fertilizer industrial
to deal chicken manure by professional fermentation method.Chicken manure fermentation
process is not only 
simple ,low cost.and you use compost turner to turn the compost .it can
reduce labor working .After chicken 
manure fermentation,deodorant sterilization can reduce
toxins, improve the nutritional value.
Then compost chicken manure ican be
granulation by
organic fertilizer granulator.