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30000 tons per year organic fertilizer production line

We have supplied an organic fertilizer production line to our customer.his raw materials is chicken
manure and some agricultural waster .Floor space around 1500 ㎡.
we have matched following machine for him .
1.Compost processing.this capacity should use 4 meters compost turner ,the compost thank is
3*50 m.
2.Crushing processing.Model 1000*1600 cm half wet materials crusher ,power is 22 kw
and capacity is 5~8 tons .
3.Mixing processing.2 sets 200*900cm mixing machine ,power 7.5 kw ,mixing time is 5 minutes .
4.Granulation processing.Under this condition,we matched a rotary drum granulator for him,
capacity is 5~8 tons per hour.
5.Drying processing.this materials with large moisture,so it need to be dried after granulation.
Model 1.5*15m rotary drum dryer with perfect drying efficient .
6.Cooling processing.rotary drum cooler with 5~8 tons per hour .
7.The coating machine and screening machine also matched .
8.Full automatic package machine ,it can finish weight ,filling and package automatic. 
if you wanna build a fertilizer production plant ,just contact us .