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The Maintenance Method of Double Roller Granulator

Double roller fertilizer press granulator is one of the medium and large model equipment  machinery, the machinery like this kind , its maintenance is quite troublesome and wastes time and energy, although you spend much money mending it,it will has some sequelae. For these devices, the right thing we should do is maintenance, how to make good maintenance is the good method to extend the work life of the equipment and produce better products. Following I will teach you three-steps maintenance method to maintain your precious double roller granulator .
First, we should make a maintenance plan for the machine before we buy the fertilizer double roller granulator. The machine should be taken regular maintenance after using it for a period of time.You should make a maintenance schedule and do the maintenance regularly, otherwise, it is too late to maintain your machine after breaking down.
Second, after you make a good plan and stipulation, you must carry out on time, and the operator must be professional.The maintenance had better deep inside the roller press granulator, the most important thing is to maintain all the component parts, details determine success or failure.The operator must do step by step, mistakes and careless are not allowed when they work.
Third, after finishing all the work and maintenance, there should be specialized persons to check it over, and that is necessary , because it has directly relation to the qualified of the maintenance and the rules and regulations. This rules and regulations are the plan we make at the first step.
All the things should be proceed circulatory and orderly, only in this preciseness and serous way can we ensure the life lime dilatation of the roller extrusion granulator and our better use of the machine.