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the Unstable Current Problem of Main Motor of pan granulator

The disk grain making machine is one of the product parts of the compound fertilizer production line equipment. We have learned about its function in the new center before. Every equipment may break down, and that will affect its operational performance. The main engine is the most important part of a machine. How to solve the problem in case of the unstable current during the operational process?
We should learn about the reason why the current of the main engine of the disc granulator is unstable before we take measures so that we can suit the remedy to the case. The main reason is because the nonuniform feeding of the main engine of the equipment and the boss rod of the main engine is damaged, some heating rings of the pan granulator break down may also cause the wrong adjustment of the screw, all the things above will cause problems.
The solution is to check the disc granualtor over. First check the feeding machine of the machine,after remedying of the trouble of the main engine and the bearing effectively, check whether the heater of different parts can operate normally, and make sure all the parts can operate normally at last. Of course there may be other reasons cause the unstable current of the main engine, we must find the reason in time in case of this situation, and eliminate to make sure the disc granulating machine can work for a long time.