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Flat die pellet granulator and Ring Die Pellet Mill

1. Feeding Method: Ring Die Pellet Mill adopt mechanical forced feeding, to enter the pelletizing room by high-speed rotation and centrifugal distribution. The material is distributed by scraper, which is non-uniform feeding. The flat die pellet granulator is to feed material vertically by the weight of material itself. The material come into the pelletizing room is equally feeding. 
2. Pressure: In the moulds with the same diameter, the diameter size of ring die have the diameter limit of ring die mould, so the pressure is limited. The diameter size of flat die have not limitation by the moulds, which can increase the inner bearing room. Selection of larger roller bearings can enhance the bearing capacity, not only increasing the suppress power of press roller, but also to extend the service life of machine. 
3. Discharge Methods: The Ring Die Pellet Mill belongs to high rotation speed, at a high rate of damaged materials when discharge. The Fertilizer Flat Die Granulator is low rotation speed with low breakage rate. 
4. The Conditioning Ways of Press Roller: Ring Die Pellet Mill use the two screw at the eccentric wheel in the middle of press rollers. The Flat film extrusion pelleting machine is to use screw thread column 100 center adjust devices, which can prop up hundreds tons, fall stable, soft touch, equal in pressure. It can be adjusted in two ways, manual and hydraulic self-regulation.