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Fermentation of organic fertilizer production line

Complete process step:
Organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, garbage, litter and rotten leaves, waste bacteria, etc.) in the fermentation workshop fermentation, and then enter the semi-wet material grinder, then add other elements to make NPK mineral elements contained achieve organic fertilizer the required standard, then stirred with a mixer, and then into the granulation, drying out after cooling, by screening, sieving, qualified product packaging, failed to return to re-granulation granulator.
Aerobic fermentation:
1. This is a effective way to deal with manure, it combines the use of the biological characteristics of mechanized technology,  the use of natural microorganisms or microbial inoculation and the chicken is fully decomposed organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water, this method use short fermentation time, usually 15 days will be finished.
2. The compost turner is a main equipment in this process step, by turning the manure again and again, the interval time is 2-3 days, so the microorganisma may have been constantly contact with oxygen, then the fermentation will achieve the best.
3. Composting optimal fermentation microorganism humidity of 50 to 60%, the limit humidity of 60 to 65%, so the material moisture adjusted to about 55 to 60% of the best. And when the water reached more than 65%, there is a higher chance of death slot does not ferment situation.