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Organic fertilizer production and application

Production of organic fertilizer

Fertilizer is a indispensable one in agriculture production, fertilizer to improve crop yields can not be separated, after all, the land of nutrients is limited.
In the fertilizer industry, compound fertilizer occupy a favourable position, organic fertilizer is still in a relatively backward state, because most farmers are not well aware of this fertilizer, not aware of this fertilizer can play a greater role in the fields.
Also fertilizers, the production process is not much difference, the key lies in the beginning stages of composting fermentation of organic fertilizer is organic material, such as animal manure, municipal solid waste, restaurant garbage, lees and the like, these materials need aerobic fermentation conditions can be made to produce useful organic fertilizer.
Compost Turner is the main equipment at this stage, through the fermentation was kept turner, microorganisms can in the next good aerobic environment, get high quality granulated materials, next production step as other fertilizer, crushing, mixing, granulating…….